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Music Video Premiere: Exhibition “I Can But I Never Learn”

“I Can But I Never Learn” starts with a forceful jolt. It’s surprising—it comes out of the gates furious and fast—it’s music video, the latest release from Exhibition, starts pretty much the same way with a man being ejected out of a canon.

The track is relentless, it starts with guitars the speed of sound and never once pauses long enough for you to take a breath. The video mirrors the sense of urgency and placid calamity that the song masterfully creates. Hammarsing Kharhmar sings from atop the wreckage “what more do you want?… I can’t remember what it meant.”

Today we’re extremely pleased to be premiering the music video in question for “I Can But I Never Learn” by Exhibition, directed and edited by Arielle De Saint Phalle. Watch the video below:

Exhibition plays Murmrr Ballroom this Saturday November 18th alongside Xeno&Oaklander, TV Baby and more. 21+, tickets and details here.


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