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Nightcrawler: Diet Choke, The Nude Party and Black Lips

Luis Lucio‘s Nightcrawler series is a documentation of his nights in New York City, the shows he sees and the people he meets. Below are the photos Luis took at the Music Hall of Williamsburg last month. 

I hadn’t seen Black Lips before and they were really energetic. They’ve obviously mastered their own thing by now and they were really natural and not posed or too self aware. I really enjoyed watching them even beyond the music they were playing.

I’ve seen Ruby and Diet Choke before but what I like is that it’s half about the music and half about the performance—she really sucks you in. I’m more into the performers that fuel up and go and I think her ability to transform into something else is what’s really interesting. You don’t see a model up there you see someone that has this talent and stands out from a lot of other performers. 

The Nude Party are also fun to watch. They seem like a big family, its like 7 kids everyone is doing their own thing as if they’ve been doing it since the beginning of time. They’re actually laughing all the time—they look at each other I don’t see them posing or anything even though they kind of have this sense of style.

All in all it was a really tight lineup of solid and captivating performers.

The Black Lips




The Nude Party




Diet Choke






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