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Nightcrawler: King Krule at Warsaw

Photos by Luis Lucio, text by Tamim Alnuweiri. Nightcrawler is a series documenting Luis journey through the abyss of an innumerable amount of live shows. Below are photos Luis took of King Krule at Warsaw in October accompanied by text from an Archy Marshall fangirl. 

King Krule is a toothless shark, a mirage of a man, a ghost of something. He’s at once a downtown hooligan and an introverted poet. He’d fight you in a pub just as easily as he’d write you a sonnet. Maybe Archy Marshall is a person but King Krule seems to be a canvas for projection. What goes on behind The Ooz, A New Place 2 Drown or 6 Feet Beneath The Moon? How can someone be so present and so aloof at the same time?

On stage at Warsaw, Archy appears with his band of zombies resurrected for the night. He’s a schoolboy dressed by his mother in ill fitting clothes. As he snarls through the set his silver teeth catching the light, you start to believe what he’s said throughout The Ooz, that he’s not one of us, not “one of the people.”

Marshall started the set with a surprisingly dark choice “Has This Hit?” and seemed to be performing to himself for himself. His voice booming and driven by pain, anger, suffering, the limited range of human emotion but somehow grounded in the innocence of a kid on the school yard who will fight you for looking at them funny. This is King Krule in full effect—existing on a plane of permanent disassociation all the while tugging at your heartstrings.

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