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Nightcrawler: Kyle Avallone, Bodega and Shilpa Ray

Editor’s Note: After first coming across Luis Lucio‘s work on the people’s platform, Instagram, we got in touch with him in hopes of having him contribute and share his phenomenal and captivating work with our readers. Below are the photos Luis took using his own equipment, as well as some lomography stuff (including their 35mm film

I listen to all types of music, anything actually though I guess mostly rock and all of it’s sub genres. But a lot of instrumental music but I don’t have a favorite artist or composer or anything. It also depends on my mood—I’m very introspective so I’m always in my head. I actually don’t talk too much, I don’t know what I’m doing right now… Instrumental music though it helps keeps me calm and I actually prefer to listen to that when I’m working because lyrics can be distracting, so it’s a good way for me to get ideas. 

I do go to a lot of shows, and picking which ones I’m going to photograph versus which ones I’m just attending, it’s about the music. The technique that I use, I like when they move. When they’re just standing stiff, it’s just like ah maybe it’s not going to look good. I’d rather they do something with their bodies. 

If it’s just to listen to them—well like this guy that opened recently for Wire. He had these loops going and he was playing the guitar and I loved what he was doing, I loved the music but I thought maybe this isn’t the right performer for me to photograph. I also felt like I was going to interrupt because he seemed very into his work.

Kyle Avallone






Shilpa Ray




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