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Nightcrawler: Liars, Yvette, Idgy Dean

Luis Lucio‘s Nightcrawler series is a documentation of his nights in New York City, the shows he sees and the people he meets. Below are the photos Luis took using his own equipment, as well as some lomography stuff (including their 35mm film) at Warsaw last month. 

I don’t consider myself to be a photographer really, I use photography as a medium but sometimes I feel more like an animator. With the photos that I take, I think of them as a sequence, like maybe this object will look like this so I should play with the lights or something. It’s going to be repeated on a loop so I have to think about how it’s going to look in a very specific way.

At shows you know for me I have to wait, sometimes I even let go of moments because I’ve already shot something. I don’t have to shoot everything, that also adds some value for me—letting that moment go because I’ve already got it.

People who shoot on digital, sometimes they don’t even look through the viewfinder they hold it up above their head or something—don’t you want to see what you’re actually photographing? I guess it’s not bad, it’s a resource maybe.

You can reach a certain point but if you shoot like that a lot during the show or whatever, maybe you should consider taking a look through the viewfinder so you know what you’re doing. I’m only taking four shots a show which I need the flash for, but it’s a different story with some of those people using digital. I imagine it can be very distracting for the performers and the reason there are so many no flash policies.

That being said, there are a lot of good photographers that use digital cameras and they wait for the moment. When you see their pictures you know they’ve thought about it. You can tell that they’re waiting for the moment. Now also, people can get their digital photos on their phones right away and they post the photos while they’re still at the show which it’s like—wait until you can see your picture on a proper screen.





Idgy Dean





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