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Nighttime’s ‘Hand in the Dark’ cured my breakup blues

Eva Louise Goodman’s new album, Hand in the Dark, is absolutely ideal for sipping a heavily CBD infused almond milk latte after a breakup. Oddly specific, but I can say, first-hand, that it’s absolutely true. On a chilly grey and breezy fall day like today, Nighttime’s voice is soothing, ethereal… glittering, even. With heavy reverb on doubled vocals, it sounds like she’s singing in some sort of wide-open sacred space. “Try with me / sacrificial wine,” she delicately sings. Her higher harmonies are so bright and pure that it’s almost hard to believe that it’s a human voice.

The songs themselves may be simple, but there’s no need for any more frills than there are. The rhythms of the acoustic guitars, the melodic lines of a fiddle, the echoing strings of what deceptively sounds like a harp – they’re all so exposed and present.

While this isn’t the type of music I would normally turn to at a time like this (usually something punk or just really fucking angry), the beauty in Nighttime’s simplicity is like a weirdly spooky blanket wrapping around me. I imagine that it would also serve as the perfect soundtrack to a lighter mood on a sunny day, too.

All the hard work of a two-year recording process certainly pays off on this 10-track album. Even if gorgeous calming harmonies aren’t your normal thing, give this one a go. Sometimes a change of pace and a beautiful floating voice is just what you need.

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