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Oct 5-6: Chicano Batman @ Irving Plaza and Warsaw, Ticket Giveaway!

I want to compare Chicano Batman to The Growlers but it’s not entirely accurate—it’s not that they share sonic underpinnings (they don’t) but it’s the come-up story of a band cemented and idolized in their home state for years, a decade even, before spreading the gospel eastward. And like The Growlers who are credited for and the face of “Beach Goth,” Chicano Batman have a sound and genre unto themselves, “LA Tropicalia.” Anyways, long story short they are a vision and we are going to help you see them while they’re in New York.

We’re giving a way a ticket to each of their shows—a pair of tickets for their Irving Plaza show on October 5th and a pair of tickets for their Warsaw show on October 6th. To enter get in touch pretty much anyway you want to—Facebook us, tweet us, Instagram us or email us (

Chicano Batman play Irving Plaza on October 5th and Warsaw on October 6th, tickets and details here.

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