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Premiere: Atlas Wynd “Helpless”

Rock music doesn’t need to be reinvented to be worthy. Some bands rely on nostalgia, some bands rely on experimentation, and some bands rely on style. But all it really takes is a filthy riff and anthem worthy of screaming to remind you why this music makes you feel the way it does and it’ll never go out of style.

Atlas Wynd, a young band from the UK, has already caused a little bit of a stir in their scene. Despite only having a handful of singles out, they’ve proven their ability to abuse their guitars to create thick and massive walls of chugging riffs. Their newest single, “Helpless,” doesn’t even reach the two minute mark and, yet, the Brighton boys have curated a fuller, catchier monster than what many new bands come up with so early on in their careers. It’s a pure piece of classic alt-rock that would have easily fit in as a hit in the hard rock renaissance of the 2000s. Make sure you’re in the shockwave as their debut EP explodes onto us later this year.

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