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Premiere: ‘BOBBY LEE’ by The Bobby Lees (Video)

We’re super excited to premiere the new video for “BOBBY LEE” from upstate NY-based blues/punk band The Bobby Lees. Featuring live clips, fun animations, and lo-fi footage, the video feels like a DIY look behind-the-scenes. And it makes sense, as the song also offers the same type of feel between singer Sam Quartin’s husky, Cat Power-esque vocal and the garage-y reverb on the instruments. As they jump back and forth from bluesy verses to ground-shaking rock ‘n’ roll hooks, the video, directed by Brendan Mcknight, follows suit.

Quartin shared, “A few years ago I lost my mind and became psychotic — I thought I was possessed by different people/things and I named one of them Bobby Lee.”

Watch the video below and make sure to follow the band here.

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