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Premiere: GunFight! “Veteran’s Bridge”

These days it seems like everyone is trying emulate styles of the past. You can hear everything from 1970’s disco to old timey ragtime twangs in tons of the contemporary music. It’s a difficult task to actually do a good job expressing these influences while simultaneously staying true to an individual style. Well, we’ve found a band who has nailed it and they’re called GunFight!

They’ve deemed their sound “post-country,” due to a mixture of inspirations that combines old school country with post-punk. If you’re a fan of either of those genres then try combining a Warsaw (the early Joy Division) song, with some classic George Jones or Roger Miller and BAM, you get something close to a GunFight! song (I only say “something close,” because the band is able to absorb these old-school inspirations and release something that is still unapologetically unique to their own sound).

Well, lucky you and lucky us because today we get to share the premiere of their track “Veteran’s Bridge.” This melodic tune about love and confusion on the Veteran’s Bridge conveys the fast pace of a punk rock song, while adding breaks in there that mirror that of a song that would’ve been featured on The Grand Ole Opry back in the ’50’s. How exactly do they do this? No clue, but take a listen and let your new favorite song come to light!

Also make sure you don’t miss their 10th anniversary/record release show at The Footlight this Saturday with Shark?, Raccoon Fighter, & Sun Hat at 8pm. More info here!

Find GunFight! online @gunfightband

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