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Premiere: Jane Church “This Here City”

Jane Church’s latest track, “This Here City” is a nostalgic ode to New York City. A refreshing break from my habitually moody ambient winter playlists, the Queen’s native has infused the early 20oo’s electrifying gritty sound a la The Strokes with lyrics reflecting a vibe every New Yorker can relate to “I guess I didn’t mind a little bad luck / Recognizing that I would grow older / Pass the corner where I used to stand… I guess everyone feels uneasy / I guess everyone needs to rest their head.”

“This Here City” feels like a song you’ve heard before and already know all the lyrics to. Jane Church is the NYC based solo project of singer-songwriter Jackson Church. His solo work celebrates cult NYC glam punk acts like Television and New York Dolls with a modern update. They describe their forthcoming album Calimocho Molotov! as “Beatlegum” and “Janitor Rock.”

 Check out Jane Church’s new track, “ This Year City” below:

Catch Jane Church at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on 12/4, details and tickets here

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