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Premiere: Joel Magid “Since You Went Away”


Portland’s Joel Magid has an ear for the ’60s. With a penchant for psychedelic whimsy, sugary pop melodies, and good ‘ole rock ‘n’ roll riffing, Magid is steeped in irresistible, lo-fi nostalgia. Now, we have the exclusive pleasure of premiering “Since You Went Away,” a single from his upcoming album Pyramids. On this strolling track, the juxtaposition of guitar twang and wispy choruses with down-and-out lyrics creates an ambiance that is refreshingly contemplative and playful. Magid is at once somber and sweet, pulsing and tender, and with “Since You Went Away” it’s clear that the singer-songwriter could just as easily be found swaying in the grass as lying on his back, staring longingly at the sky. Which is just fine by us.

Watch below.

Joel Magid – “Since You Went Away” (Official Music Video) from Breakup Records on Vimeo.

Pyramids is out this summer.




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