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EP Premiere: Kip Nelson ‘Waves After Work’

It’s hard to find any genuine sense of relaxation these days—the news makes it feel like the world is constantly on the verge of imploding, humanity is trash, and dreams are only meant for the wealthy. But that’s not true, or at least not completely? In Kip Nelson’s new EP Waves After Work, which we’re premiering today, you can find time to chill. Whether it’s before or after work, his beachy psych jams give any indie music junkie the perfect space to tune out of the world and to focus on what makes you happy. The intro track “Mexico,” one of the more experimental ones off the EP, is a catchy tune unafraid to use bongos and synth to create a calming ocean of sound around you. Nelson says the EP is an ode to his love for not only the waves of the sea, but also the sound waves that comprise the tunes he so loves to write and listen to.

Check out the premiere of Kip Nelson’s EP Waves After Work below and escape from the woes of the world even if just for a little while.

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