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Premiere: Moonwalks “Sequins”

If you’ve ever come across Moonwalks then it will only seem fitting and on the nose obvious that their singles carry names like “Dust is Magic” or their latest release be “Sequins.” The Detroit based trio is reminiscent of a nostalgic type of rock and roll that actually never existed. An alternate timeline where David Bowie never left behind Ziggy Stardust, where the New York Dolls made it mainstream.

“Sequins” a 6 minute track shimmers as it’s name suggests—it catches the light in a dark and crowded room filled with the type of people that only slink out when the sun is down. It starts with booming vocals—Leonard Cohen if he was in a David Lynch movie—before moving into a pulsing and manic frenzy of guitars and drums pounding through at the speed of light.

Preorder their debut record In Light (The Scales In The Frame) here and keep up with Moonwalks on Instagram and Facebook.

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