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Premiere: Mustardmind “Glitch”

What’s the opposite of a mastermind? According to these Brooklyn-based musicians it’s a Mustardmind, and that’s exactly what they call themselves. Mustardmind is devious, experimental, and touching all in one. Their most recent EP, Peep, released at the end of last year, is full of tracks that whine and dine you. They take the most relatable emotional states and sing about them to melodic beats and strong guitar riffs. They set a vibe of tragedy and accomplishment with each hit of the cymbal.

Alt Citizen is not only excited to premiere the video for Mustardmind’s track “Glitch,” a song about massive trial and errors, but we’re also swooning like crazy over here, because of this video. It’s a camera on a cute lil doggo frand. WHO WOULDN’T FALL IN LOVE WITH THAT?? So, enjoy this song and die of cuteness by getting a glimpse of what life is like for a pupperino in the big city.

Find Mustardmind online @mustardmind

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