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Song Premiere: RFA “Suzie Lee”

Everyone should be jealous of whoever Suzie Lee is. The brand new track by RFA, the strapping young Philadelphian rock ‘n’ roll quartet, sings about a type of sweetness that everyone yearns for. Chasing a love named Suzie Lee, the song sings “remember me, Suzie Lee, when you’ve got no place to run to and you’re out on your own…” UGH. Boys are dumb, but I still fall for this shit every time. Swooning hard right now.

The four friends share interests in smashing things, screaming at people from the car window, being really really loud, driving really really fast, being really really loud and driving really really fast and WAWA. Well, that’s according to their Facebook. We’re here to premiere “Suzie Lee,” the song that’ll make you form a crush immediately. A little early-Strokes inspired, with some harder beats and melodic solos. Listen here first!

Find RFA online @rfabandphilly

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