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Premiere: Stuyedeyed “Funeral”

You’d think someone so obsessed with chicken nuggets would be some kind of freak you’d try avoiding on the streets at night, but Nelson Espinal is a whole other kind of freak. Though, yes, he is obsessed with nuggets (his favorite dip is honey mustard, if you’re wondering), he’s the kind of freak everyone is dying to know. Not only because he’s a badass musician, but also because he’s just an angel of a being. He’s taken his weirdness, kindness, and deep down darkness and created this monster called Stuyedeyed.

His fellow bandmates, Andrea (guitar), Luis (drums), and Humberto (bass) also contribute to this monster, each with their own unique absurdity and gentleness. Their powers combine to create sounds that surround you with ghostly reverbs, memorizing drum beats, and haunting vocals.

We are so lucky to present to you guys their new video for “Funeral,” the title track off their up-coming LP that’s to be released March 10th (release show with Parrots & Comatides)! The video is filled with all kinds of creatures that seem to belong in an episode of American Horror Story–you love ’em, but you’re also kind of afraid of them–all walking along with Nelson down the streets of NYC.

Make sure to check out their tour dates below to catch Stuyedeyed at a venue/house show/spooky alleyway /nugget shop/SXSW showcase near you! And, make sure to pre-order your painfully-hip, old school cassette tape of Funeral from King Pizza Records.

Now, turn off all the lights and watch “Funeral,” below, and let your wildest nightmares run free!

Check out their tour dates below:



Find Stuyedeyed online @stuyedeyed

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