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Premiere: The Muckers “Suspended For A Long Time”

Photo by Michael Younker. Text by Tamim Alnuweiri.

Have you ever seen a band live, spoken to them and just been so enthralled by their energy only to be let down and underwhelmed by their studio recordings? Obviously you have and so have I but that is distinctly not the case with “Suspended For A Long Time” the first track from The Muckers which we are premiering today.

“Suspended For A Long Time” has vocals and a lead guitar that race each other throughout the track—they’re neck in neck and gaining second long leads on each other before they find resolve and melt into each other. The track is punctuated by brief glimmers of deja vu—grounded in an unplaceable nostalgia—it’s rock and roll gone through an incinerator and beamed into space before floating back to Earth.


The Muckers play at Elsewhere on January 21st with Native Sun and Gnarcissists, details and tickets here. Keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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