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Premiering Ryne Ziemba’s video for “Trying Not To Try”

There must be some ounce of frustration among bands when they spend time plotting, budgeting, constructing and shooting a deep and expensive music video, only for a more famous band to film a middle aged man dancing in an alleyway and receive a viewing figure of about 89 million. That band, by the way, was The Black Keys. And the video, for all it’s simplicity, is fucking great.

There’s just something about watching a poor bloke dad dancing his heart out to a modern rock song that’s almost hypnotizing. It’s like Donald Trump being in the White House, you want to look away, but there’s something in you that just can’t stop watching. Kudos to Ryne Ziemba, then. Because he’s upped the anti from middle aged man to an elderly pensioner, and he’s stuck in a disinterested dog looking on for good measure, easily making his new music video an absolute must watch. “Trying Not To Try” is the first release from upcoming album Cataclysmos which will be debuting in Spring of 2019 on Moon Bus Records.

The music itself is pretty great, too. Slow and sleepy, with echoing vocals and soaring guitar licks that allows the track to be played over and over again without it ever getting monotonous. Whether you’re going on a long car ride, lounging about on a Sunday, or if you just wanna watch an old guy dancing on his front porch, “Trying Not To Try” is a song that will sink in it’s groove and linger in the mind long after it’s finished. If you ever want to stop hitting the replay button that is.

Ryne Ziemba’s next show is November 28th at Brooklyn Museum.

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