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Re-Watch: The Growlers “Wandering Eyes”

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The Growlers are certified genre mixologists, each song a perfect concoction of beats, riffs, and melody to form some of the most cohesive pieces of music in the game. Beach Goth is the name of both the genre they’ve been credited for creating, and their popular music festival. Seven years ago, however, they were an L.A. based trio who just wanted to showcase their music know how. This version of “Wandering Eyes” is stripped down, both visually and sonically, to the fundamentals. To call it intimate is quite an understatement. It is one continuous shot of lead singer Brooks Nielsen serenading the viewer, full on eye contact and side smirks and red lipstick included. It creates a whole new level of personal to an already downbeat, soft-hearted song. The Growlers are back on tour and playing Terminal 5 on Saturday May 20th. Watch “Wandering Eyes” below for your refresher course:

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