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Review: Alex Cameron @ The Lexington, London

Review by Lallie Doyle.

Alex Cameron has carved out a real niche for himself in the music industry– an addition I don’t think we knew we needed until we heard the raspsy Australian vocalist declare he was the drunkest, ugliest girl in the bar. The Lexington in London is a well trodden path for all rock bands, the small venue beckons a vast swarm of regular bearded, Dr. Marten-wearing men and pink haired women – the drill can get quite repetitive. However, last night the infamous pub appeared quite different from the moment Cameron broke out into his signature moves, the entire audience wanted to slick back their hair, crouch low and become his Jemima Kirke. The set list varied from old classics such as “Happy Ending” and “Internet” to tracks off his highly anticipated second solo album “Forced Witness.” During the latter half of the show, the band were joined by fellow Australian Jack Ladder, who coyly picked up a baby pink guitar and seamlessly joined the tight, bouncy guitar rifts. One particular new song “Marlon Brando” landed very well with the crowd, as they moved in joy at his lyrical account of being an existential white man. Visually, the band resembled mish-mash of high school kids in the 70’s that didn’t get invited to parties. In a way, they parody themselves and it works.

What the band have excelled at is the provision of a rock and roll act—there stands Cameron the awkward, dimpled front man and Roy Molloy, his stoic business partner and saxophonist. While Cameron has continually played the failure, it appears that Roy has quite the cult following, with every silence in-between songs quickly intruded by “WE LOVE YOU ROY” which, from Roy’s placid facial expression, appeared unrequited – maybe these were the people who didn’t invite him to parties?

The front man revealed himself as surprisingly shy, a far cry from the rock and roll cliché as he proclaimed he only performs sober, “this is my job” he shrugged his shoulders. Fair enough really, I certainly wouldn’t be able to write this intoxicated. Needless to say, I felt thoroughly inspired after leaving; I may too have been drunkest, ugliest girl in the bar, but I was certainly one of the happiest.

Forced Witness is out today, September 8th. Alex Cameron plays Brooklyn on October 7th at Rough Trade, tickets and details here.

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