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Sad Girl Cinema Club: The Year of the Witch

I don’t credit The Craft for enabling my teenage obsession with witchcraft and black combat boots that spilled into my adult years but I do condemn it for nurturing my spirit. Watching a marginalized Neve Campbell and Fairuza Balk form supernatural female alliances in high school was a pivotal cinematic treat for a weirdo like myself. This month marks the 20th anniversary since teens started playing ‘Light as a feather, stiff as a board’ and how does Hollywood commemorate? With confirmation of yet another remake of a cult classic. Groan.

The recent awakening of Witches within mainstream media makes me want to dig up my long floral skirts and deep purple MAC lipstick. For this, I am calling it:  2016 is the year of the witch.

Twenty Years since The Craft hit theaters, Robert Egger’s scorched movie screens with his acclaimed directorial debut, The Witch. It’s a film not about the evil nature of women who were accused of witchcraft but of a young girl’s exploration and realization of her independence. It’s also terrifying. Arthur Millers The Crucible made a triumphant return to Broadway with fresh theater meat, Tavi Gavinson and Saioirse Ronan playing students accused of terrorizing their town with sorcery. The girls wear modern school girl get ups which of course I drew a direct correlation to the grungy schoolgirl look from The Craft. Cultural event spaces like Brooklyn’s Catland are drawing more popularity as their reach spans to festivals such as this year’s, Legacy of the Witchfest.  Lastly, after teasing the internet by shutting down their social media accounts ,Radiohead released their first single off their upcoming album, the fervently sophisticated rock track, “Burn the Witch.”


Want to release your inner sorcerer/feminist warrior? Check out my list below for a mystical girls night in.

1.Teen Witch

Worth the watch for the impromptu hip hop battle that is actually fire.

2. The Witches

No witch makes me cower more than the incomparable, Anjelica Huston in this fantasy film based off Roald Dalh’s sinister novel of the same name.

3. Blood on Satan’s Claw

Linda Hayden makes ‘dancing with the devil’ look sexy in the 70’s cult horror movie about a 17th century town plagued by a demonic possession.

4. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Hayao Miyazaki’s classic animated film follows a headstrong young witch who starts a mail service (on her broom, duh) in this whimsical coming of age story.

5. Black Sunday (1960)

Not only is Mario Bavo’s Italian horror masterpiece spine-chilling but Barbara Steele reminds us that even during a vengeful bloody wrath, one must always wear a high intensity winged liner.

6.Rosemary’s Baby

The Roman Polanski psychological horror flick starring Mia Farrow is a must watch for all the future mothers out there.

7.Witching and Bitching

A modern comedy-horror joyride directed by Álex de la Iglesia is a much needed break from the traditional witch film structure.


If you illegally download * any film on this list, make it be this one. Dario Argento’s visually captivating dreamy masterpiece accounts a ballet dancer studying in an academy led by a nefarious coven of witches.

9. Witchfinder General

In addition to Blood on Satan’s Claw, Witchfinder General make up a trifecta of films that make up the cult horror sub-genre, “Folk Horror.”  The film? Confirmed for a remake of course.


Film list by Danielle O’Neill. Follow her on twitter @doneill13.

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