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Sep 25: Champagne Superchillin (record release), Roya, Reanimadores @ Baby’s All Right, 8pm ($10)

The amorous Champagne Superchillin will put you in a bubbly haze of romanticism through wine colored glasses.

The NYC by way of Nashville group brings French lyrics to rock ‘n’ roll beats and set a dream world of drunken stupors and happy accidents. They’re finally sharing their album Destino with the world and I hope you’re ready. Will you find yourself in a dark and misty corner making out with some attractive, but mysterious stranger? Probably. Champagne Superchillin just seems to induce those sorts of situations.

So, join them for the record release party with NYC’s beloved Roya and Puerto Rican punks Reanimadores this Monday!

21+, details and tickets here

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