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Shows We Went To (II)

Our 35 mm film photography series covering live shows happening on the NYC circuit continues. Our staff photographers have been busy this past month, and, as usual, they’ve captured some incredible moments across Brooklyn’s music venues, from Baby’s All Right to Aviv. We’ve compiled some of our best shots of frenetic energy and intimacy from four killer shows, so please kick back and enjoy.

Blank Spell, Perspex Flesh @ St. Vitus 4/8
photos by Cheryl Georgette Arent

It doesn’t get much more Brutal than this. Punk outfits Blank Spell and Perspex Flesh — each unique in their unrelenting take on the genre — simply pummeled the crowd at St. Vitus. Blaring distortion, crackling tempos, and visceral vocals converged to create an attack we’re still reeling from.

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Modern Vices, Bluffing, Lightning Bug  @ Baby’s All Right 4/21
photos by Cheryl Georgette Arent

Cult Citizen was a wild success, and it couldn’t have be done without the help of our friends in Modern Vices, BLUFFING, and Lightning Bug. Between MV’s garage rock snarl and gritty guitars and BLUFFING’s quick and poppy punk-inspired gems, the eager crowd was alive with carefree energy. The hooks were hypnotizing, and we danced until they finally kicked us out. Details on the second showcase coming soon!

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Tall Juan, the Britanys @ Aviv 4/24
photos by Cheryl Georgette Arent

Tall Juan and the Britanys, two NYC local bands, are a perfect rock ‘n’ roll pair. Steeped in lo-fi charm, bright melodies, and boundless energy, these two captivated the packed audience at Aviv. The fuzzy distortion and no-bullshit rock panache created a natural bond with fans, and had everyone swaying to some good, throwback vibes.

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Twin Peaks @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 5/2
photos by Brett Rosenfeld 

The young dudes in Twin Peaks know how to work a crowd. They’ve got the party thing down a la warm, feel-good guitar riffs and irresistible pop melodies. Their snarling vocals incite reckless abandon, the type of stripped-down, in-the-moment fun you have to recover from the next day.

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