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Shows we’re going to on 4/20

4/20 is mostly funny because I spend all year saying 4/20 blaze even though the honest to god thought of marijuana send me into an anxiety spiral. Anyways the day is here and this year it falls on a Friday—thank god for all who plan to go especially hard. So what should you do tonight? Go to a show (obviously, I very rarely have anything else to recommend). Below are a rundown of the shows you should be considering.

The Mystery Lights, Tall Juan and Future Punx @ Market Hotel



If you want to stop reading right now let me tell you this show is where you should be! The Mystery Lights are somehow always the most energetic band—it makes no sense to me that they can be this consistently good but they are. They’ll be playing alongside other hometown heroes Tall Juan and Future Punx. It’s basically your best bet for a Friday night.

All ages, tickets here.

Cold Fronts, Grim Streaker and Vexxed @ Mercury Lounge


And if you for some reason are insistent on being in Manhattan Cold Fronts is releasing a new record and playing the accompanying celebratory record release.

21+, tickets here.


Just go to Heck—I don’t know what’s going on but there’s definitely something and I’m sure its $5 and the beer is cheap and you can get drunk and messy and then crawl  home.


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