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Six New Tracks #2


Some new tunes that we’ve been listening to over here. Check ’em out and let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorite releases from this week.

Following 2016’s No Worry No Mind, “Energy” is the first track released from B Boys upcoming debut album Dada, out this May. The track pounds through three minutes of loud, abrupt and disconcerting (in the best way) chaos as it spits “some say I’m borderline / others walk away from me.”

We’re really pleased to hear new Flasher music despite a key player in the group, Taylor Mulitz, being on tour with Priests in support of their new album, Nothing Feels Natural. “Winnie” has an anxiety level growing increasingly from the opening muster of drums, accompanied by shimmery guitars and punky scruff vocals that dip into melody for the chorus. A press release outlined the background of the track:

Winnie is a dispatch from a motel breakfast room in Winnie, TX on May 19th, 2016, hours after egypt air flight 804 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. The lyrics were written as an exercise in assemblage/automatic writing told through two televised perspectives that converge in psychosexual reverie. almost every word was taken from the pontificating pundits on CNN or the ecstatic sales pitches of pharmaceutical advertisements. For example, the refrain ‘these feet want to keep the beat moving’ was plucked from a diabetes medication commercial. ‘Winnie’ is a bricolage tribute to the paranoia-fueled autoerotic American psyche.

“Falling Down the Stairs” begins with a vague and hard to place ’80’s feel to it but quickly devolves into a menage of electronic noise and wailing vocals. The video is also tons of fun as we watch Distractor go through their own Coors Light low budget psychedelic version of Indiana Jones.

Last week the Garden released a new EP, U Want The Scoop? You should probably listen to the whole thing but in the meantime check out the second single, “Clay.” The track starts out with rabid hollow African sounding conga-like drums with accents of Super Mario sound effects littered throughout as the lyrics play with every bizarre phrase possible (“can’t be stupid / no fuck boi”) as the chorus reaches peak absurdity with  the proclamation “I like cereal / but I ain’t no serial killer.”

“Different Now,” a new track off Chastity Belt’s forthcoming album, I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone, comes as a surprise. The accompanying video is a remake of Temple of the Dog’s famous “Hunger Strike” video, somewhat recalling Laura Palmer’s final day on earth. The song itself also births an innocent mindset into a darker world, full of the angst, lack of clarity, and frustration that comes with aging.

High Sunn, the project of a San Francisco teenager, has released more music than many people do in their entire careers. Despite this, High Sunn releases a consistently inventive brand of sunny, jangly punk & pop songs that recall Cleaners From Venus, amongst other bedroom artists. A new track, “Polaroids,” has a post-rock dousing over High Sunn’s normal mathematic rhythms, and calmer in nature than some of his earlier releases.

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