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Six New Tracks #3


Lot’s of exciting releases this week. Below are some of our favorite tracks of this week from heavy hitters like Rey Pila to newer acts including Reptaliens and WALL. 

Rey Pila have released yet another perfectly 80s nostalgia piece, this time satisfying a particularly cinematic craving: think Flashdance gone slasher flick. “Ninja” packs a syncopated punch over a chorus that feels like summertime longing.

You can’t help but like Dream Wife: the perfect blend of off-kilter girl pop and new-wave bubble. Their new track “Somebody” takes notes from the scratchy rawness that made Kings of Leon so addictive, but thru the lens of this Icelandic/British girl group, these matter-of-fact words won’t be able to leave your head: “I’m not my body, I’m somebody.”

Jay Som’s new album Everybody Works was just released and it completely shattered expectations. Breaking apart from her simple bedroom rock niche, Jay made an album with boundless, atmospheric tracks grounded by catchy art rock singles; it feels like the tinkering of Brian Eno.

Disclaimer: I first saw this track embedded in an article and then spent twenty minutes sure that it was something I had made up in a fever dream (googling “Reptaliens” will only lead you to YouTube videos about how lizard people are controlling the universe). “Prequel” feels like the type of song that has always existed in the back of your mind. The magic is that Reptaliens somehow found it. The track is light and aloof, all the while brooding as the opening lyrics muster out “I was dreaming you were talking to me / but I couldn’t scream.”

The last time a piece of art transported me to a home that felt more like a mausoleum filled with a bitter anger and deep coldness was Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Or at least it was until Annie Hardy’s deeply unsettling “Shadow Mode” which sees her vocals flitter somewhere in-between nervous and resentful, her voice flittering somewhere in-between Bjork and the Cranberries.

WALL’s second single from their upcoming debut album Untitled is softer and smoother than the jarring and brash “High Ratings.” Their latest track “River Mansion” is long and droning, emoting it’s apathy and resilience through the six minute track as they continually build and dismantle their “house on the hill.”


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