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Six New Tracks #7

Our picks of new music from the last few weeks. Let us know if we’ve missed your favorites.

Soccer Mommy “Allison”

Soccer Mommy’s new track “Allison” is off of a new mini album called Collection. The track has a certain icy scratchiness quality to it. The vocals convey a state of mind that include anxious tremble and quiet isolation. The accompanying video helps convey the sense of introspectiveness brought on by isolation.

Madeline Kenney “Rita”

Listening to “Rita” it essentially took two listens before I decided I was into it. The first listen I felt like the song didn’t hit it’s stride until a minute in when we get the full potential and loudness that the quiet beginnings promise. On the second listen I decided I liked it because of the juxtaposition and camouflaged bare-bones quality of the track.

Ariel Pink “Another Weekend”

Aaaand he’s back. Ariel Pink just announced his first album since 2014, Dedicated To Bobby Jameson with this new track “Another Weekend.” The song is pleasant and catchy and I’m sure I’ll be listening to it frequently this summer but I’m not sure that it’s really that exciting. Considering how prolific Ariel Pink once was it’ll be interesting to see how he adjusts to 2017 now that Mac DeMarco and DIIV are some of the most well known acts in the indie scene.

Lapalux -“4eva”

All of the wailing and misery of human existence deconstructed and rebuilt, that’s what “4eva” sounds like.  The new track from Lapalux feels like a new type of Synthesia — creating audible sounds for things we tend to experience visually (dissolving, melting, simmering, bubbling, seething).

Atlas Wynd “Eyes Fixed on the Sun”

The last few months anything with distorted vocals or fuzzy musical quality to it has been shit on pretty mercilessly. But it’s only because there’s so much of it and it seems like an easy ticket at this point. Atlas Wynd’s new track “Eyes Fixed on the Sun” is scuzzy and fuzzy and every other triggering word you could think of except that it’s good. The track has fleeting moments of psych, grunge, garage and every other type of rock pieced together in a way that feels fresh and catchy.

Pixx “Waterslides”

I have a soft spot for British girl pop and that’s probably why I like Pixx. “Waterslides” isn’t a song that ages well, it’s a song you listen to for a summer until you make yourself mad and vthen you delete if from your iTunes.

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