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Song Premiere: GYMSHORTS “You Blew It”

There’s truly no better feeling than telling someone who has wronged you, just how little you care.”You Blew It”, the latest track from stoner punks, GYMSHORTS, wraps all those vindictive feelings into a 90 second package – perfect as a pre-party aperitif when you know you’re going to run into you-know-who.

“You Blew It” comes out of the gate fast and doesn’t let up. With it’s relentless pace, catchy hooks, and no frills attitude, it’s exactly the kind of song you want to head bang and scream to. Lead singer Sarah Greenwell’s voice may be fuzzed out in parts, but it cuts through like a knife when she means it. There’s no question that yeah, she is talking to you, and she doesn’t give a shit. The beauty of the song, if we want to call it that, lies in it’s simplicity. The lyrics are confrontational and frank, the guitar rips, the hi-hat hits – the song does everything it needs to do and it does it well. They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, they’re just making the wheel a hell of a lot more fun.

Check out the release below, exclusively on Alt Citizen, and keep an eye out for their new album Knock, Knock available August 20th. You can also keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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