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Song Premiere: Plume “Spine”

Within the trudges of my gmail inbox—ghastly and full of incoherent nonsense and half baked song ideas, I took a few minutes to listen to “Spine,” Plume’s first single. Honestly, initially it was just about being jarred by their photo—it seemed to me that anyone that stares into the camera that sincerely is either a psychopath or painfully meek.

Anyhow have you heard of Plume before? Good, neither have I. The recently formed band is Paige Pfleger and Aaron Sternick, based out of Philadelphia and today we are premiering “Spine” the first track from their upcoming release Ivy Eyes (November 3rd).

“Spine” is like their photo, somewhere in between comforting and jarring. Paige’s voice, flitting in and out of vulnerability and self-assured tenderness, offset by the nostalgic synth as it clangs endlessly into a ceramic field of eternity. Listen for yourself below:

Not to fall into cliches but can you imagine this song playing on the shitty sound set up of a beer soaked DIY venue somewhere, anywhere in the country? Isn’t it life-affirming?

Plume on Facebook and Instagram. See their upcoming tour dates below:

10/19 – Tasker House, Philadelphia, PA
10/20 – Smith Public Trust, Washington, DC
10/21– Twisted Tea, Charlottesville, VA
10/22 – Downsquare’s, Baltimore, MD
11/03 – Audio Hub, New Brunswick, NJ
11/04– House Show, New Paltz, NY
11/05 – Sounds and Tones, North Adams, MA
11/06 – Midway Cafe, Boston, MA
11/07 – Jim’s Basement, Burlington, VT
11/08 – Stella Blues, New Haven, CT
11/09 – Pauly’s, Albany, NY
11/10 – UMASSALT, Amherst, MA
11/11 – Dennis, Oxford, CT
11/17 – Sunnyvale, Brooklyn, NY
11/18 – Piano’s, Manhattan, NY

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