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Song Premiere: Reality Something “Stay”

Photo by Bridgette Aikens.

In 2016 Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.  Neo-liberals were shocked while deplorables and conservatives remained deplorable. It felt like the end was near, like we were reverting back hundreds of  years. Yet, the years go by and it’s now 2018 and it’s clear that a regurgitation of the old will always remain—people still question if the earth is flat, if the internet should be privatized, I could go on with a list of depravities just like 2001 all over again, except this time the music is better.

The Nashville based band Reality Something has decided to take full advantage of of this time of nostalgia. If you missed the anthems of the early 2000’s such as “Why Can’t I “ by Liz Phair or “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette— then the soft-core alt-pop ballad “Stay” will be literal music to your ears.  

Filled with angst, the lead singer cries, “I am just a chewed up piece of meat,” which is prophetic. She goes on to croon in a sultry voice “ I can’t save you / refuse to see reality.” It sounds Mazzy Star-esque or even like a less pop punk take on Metric. If this aesthetic interests you, then their full length album titled Life Noise will be out May 4th on Infinity Cat Records and you can catch them at our SXSW Quit Your Day Job party. 

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