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Song Premiere: Towers “Raise The Gate” (feat. Body Games)

Earlier this month, electronic pop artist T0W3RS released a new album titled TL;DR, which Entertainment Weekly exclusively streamed, describing the sound as “the alt-J singer joining STRFKR to cover LCD Soundsystem.” The collection is a definite return to form, seeing as it was written entirely by frontman Derek Torres (similar to the EP Summertime, back in 2010), but the lack of a full band has proven to be no hindrance; Torres clearly has enough vision and tricks to sustain the solo game indefinitely.

Now, we have the pleasure of premiering “Raise The Gate,” a single from the new record, featuring Body Games. Carried by minimalist synth accompaniment, digital drum loops, and simple yet oddly soulful vocal melodies, “Raise The Gate” creates a groove that makes you close your eyes and sway. It’s got a touch of Radiohead’s tinkering in the mix, but in a way that feels less abstract — the track is tethered just enough, zeroing in on a vibe that effectively tows the line between experimental and dance-friendly. Torres is an auteur, and we’re confident “Raise The Gate” will sell you on that and so much more.

Listen below.

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