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Song premiere: White China’s “Follows You Around”

Brooklyn/LA based band White China’s newest single, “Follows You Around,” sounds like a hybrid of Lana Del Rey at the heights of her haziest, dreamiest glory, infused with the ambling vocals of Lou Reed: “Do you like to disco?/Do you like to party?/ Got a reputation/shadow on the ground/follows you around.”

The Lana Del Rey half is no surprise—one third of White China is producer Gianluca ‘Luca’ Buccellati, whose previous work includes engineering credits on Lana Del Rey’s latest album, Lust for Life. The rest of White China is comprised of Luca’s brother Sanj and model Aaron Bernards. The project began when Luca sent out a series of demos recorded in his Brooklyn apartment to the LA-based Aaron and Sanj. The three worked together to establish and refine White China’s bi-coastal sound, combining “NYC urban grit and LA daze” aptly described by HERO in an interview with the band.

Out of the tracks released White China has released so far, “Follows You Around” is perhaps the most exemplary of this multi-faceted, blended aesthetic. It perfectly taps into the archetypes and fantasies of both coasts, for a sound that’s reminiscent like déjà vu, but intriguingly new and fresh at the same time.

White China is set to release their debut LP later this month.

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