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Soundtracked: Music, News, and More Week of March 19

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?


Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience was released this week, so I guess have to talk about it? I don’t really feel like there is more to say other than “it was released.” “Suit & Tie” was an already pretty weak single (compared to everything else ruling Top 40) to lead into the rest of the album. As much as I love Jay-Z (and personally really like “Suit & Tie”), I think I would have loved it without his lifeless verses. I dunno, it’s definitely an interesting album but not one for me. If you think I should be giving the album more accolades, please leave a comment telling me why!

Phosphorescent’s Muchacho (“young man” in Spanish) is my pick of the week. It’s folky without wearing you down or putting you to sleep. “Song For Zula,” “Muchacho’s Tune,” “The Quotidian Beasts,” and “Sun’s Arising” are all very worthy of multiple listens.

Boy + Kite’s We Can Do Anything We Want EP is another good find this week. It steals from some of the greats–– the greats being Sonic Youth and the Pixies.

Jessie Ware shared “Imagine It Was Us,” a disco ballad that sounds more like her earlier stuff as a backup singer but is still pretty awesome. Check it out below.


Iggy Azalea’s video for “Work” was just released. It is borderline cheesy at times. Iggy goes from trailer park trash to strutting down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The rags to riches story is kind of tired, no? She’s still pretty badass though.


Jason Molina of Magnolia Electric Co. and Songs: Ohia passed away on March 16, a day after I had already written last week’s Soundtracked or he would have been mentioned there. My favorite tribute to him was written by none other Jens Lekman and can be found at his blog here. On a personal note, Magnolia Electric Co.’s “Leave the City” was a song a friend put on a mix tape for me a few years back. After that, I remember it would be on any CD I’d make for the long trips back home from college, so thanks for that Jason.

Gucci Mane just can’t seem to stay out of jail.

RECORD STORE DAY IS COMING! Record Store Day is probably one of the funnest shopping experiences I’ve had in NYC. Check out the list of official RSD releases, there’s lots of really good stuff this year. If anyone manages to get a copy of the Big Star release, please sell it to me!

Random Nostalgia:

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