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Nightcrawler: Portraits from South Street Seaport

Editor’s Note: After first coming across Luis Lucio‘s work on the people’s platform, Instagram, we got in touch with him in hopes of having him contribute and share his phenomenal and captivating work with our readers. Below are the photos Luis took during one day this summer at South Street Seaport using his own equipment, as well as some lomography stuff (including their 35mm film).

I don’t usually shoot that much when I’m at a show. Shooting a lot of pictures means more work, more time. But every once in a while I see a performer that has me go through 3-4 rolls like The Make-Up. At South Street Seaport, Ian Svenonius was giving me really good material to work with. They’re really awesome, I’ve seen them before with Chain and The Gang and I liked Ian’s style, I liked everything—even though the songs are shallow, the way he dresses, the way he acts, he has a huge stage presence. When he performs he goes nuts, he communicates with the people, he gets into the crowd, he touches them, he gets touched, he climbs and stands on the crowd. Every single time I see him… I don’t know it’s just my thing, I guess—he’s the most fun to see.

Ian Sevnious and Jonathan Toubin

Ian Svenonius and Jonathan Toubin

I was already backstage for some of the other portraits when I saw Svenonious hanging out with Jonathan Toubin. I thought fuck it, I was already there so I got pictures of them hanging out. I tried to find James Chance and Martin Rev backstage too but they were very protected or disappeared. I did see Kid Congo though and he was really nice, he let me take a few photos of him, he was really chill.


Kid Congo

Martin Rev was really funny. He was putting on a show and he didn’t care about the music. He just put on a track and just started to smash the keyboards and that was every single song. Just a sequence and then him bashing on the keyboard.


Martin Rev


With Death Valley Girls it was kind of a big rush like “oh yeah—right now!” I took my camera out but, you know they had just played—they were all sweaty and tired. They didn’t kick me out or anything, they were really fun and had seen my work before but I was rushing myself. I also shot Surfbort and they were also in a rush or something, I mean yeah they don’t want to bored!

83960017 copy 83960021 copy

The Nude Party were fun. They were in their natural habitat I told them not to worry about me and they were really chill. Even the ones that were more set up were very natural. 



Dani Miller

SeaportFest002 SeaportFest001

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The Make-Up

SeaportFest17005SeaportFest015 SeaportFest017 SeaportFest003

Death Valley Girls

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83960034 copy 83960033 copy


The Nude Party

83960010 copy

83960013 copy

83960011 copy 83960024 copy

83970026 83970025 83970020 SeaportFest005

James Chance

SeaportFest17009 SeaportFest008

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