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Starcrawler’s “She Gets Around” is a jolt of energy and angst

If Starcrawler ever runs out of energy, I have yet to see any proof of it. Their latest track “She Gets Around” is a testament to that. The bouncing beats and harsh guitar strums, can’t help but send a jolt through you, even if you have just woken up and have yet to take your first hit of caffeine.

Part of Stawrcrawler‘s appeal is their lively stage presence, and in this latest single, you can imagine them whirling and sprinting across the stage, indulging in the sort of performance art that has made them famous. There is no one out there like Starcrawler in the modern music scene and it is truly refreshing to hear such raw, genuine rock music. The instruments are unedited, Arrow De Wilde‘s natural vocal talent is given the proper platform to shine with the simple melodies, which don’t sound simple at all when paired with Starcrawler‘s California meets Lower East Side in the 1990’s genre of music.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Starcrawler perform live, but you don’t have to have experienced them to imagine the way they are going to put this single to the test onstage. It will probably include pig’s blood, make sure to wear your rain boots.

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