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Surfbort’s Dani Miller breaks down the new Gnarcissists EP

Photos and words by Dani Miller of Surfbort. You can keep up with Surfbort on Instagram

The most genuine banging and clanging around. A scream to a friend. A skreeeech of hope. Get this EP if ya want help surviving the dark times with a laugh.

“We All Just Wanna” reminds me of when I first moved to NY. You work your ass off to survive, but you love it because you are in the heart of it all. Then when leisure time comes and you are burnt out from work, your number one go to is getting high. Muahaha, ok you get the point.

“Buzzin” is so fucking gnarly. It makes my heart clench and laugh. I could hop around like a bunny all day on the streets bashing flower beds and trashcans cracking up. Keep reading this review I bet the whole thing is going to be me getting pleasure from the Gnarcissists music.
“Models” At first you hate models. You are jealous of something, but you just cant pin it down, so you hate them. But when you get comfortable with yourself and your own beauty, you realize everyone’s beautiful, and a model, and so are you. This song is like if Godzilla was a top model and was with Kate Moss at the beach surfing and they both got simultaneous nose bleeds and laughed about it in the wave. Wish it was double the length because its so good, but its good to be left wanting more.
“Fentanyl” Muahahaha a complete hit. Matt’s voice is so worthy. So is the guitar solo and all the jingle jangels. Do drugs responsibly, fuck fentanyl.

You can find Gnarcissists on Facebook and Instagram. Order the 7″ here

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