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Surfbort’s new music video for “Billy” delivers insatiable fun

Mere months after making a supersonic splash with the release of their debut album, Friendship Music, Surfbort has already shared a new song and an equally as buzzy music video to accompany it. “Billy” is the titular track from Surfbort’s forthcoming EP, which is slated for a March 8th release via Muddguts Records. Mark your calendars, too, because the release show will be taking place on Saturday, March 9th at Market Hotel in Brooklyn.

“Billy” is yet another example of Surfbort’s ability to deliver a delightful elixir of lyrical realism, unbridled creativity, and raw power. Of course, these are elements that are just as present in the music video as the song itself. Between vocalist Dani Miller sporting a marvelously extravagant butterfly ring, shots of Surfbort snacking on the couch, and footage of their live performances (which, if you’ve attended one, you know exactly what a hell of a good show they put on), every second of the “Billy” music video is permeated with spunk and an electric energy that has long hallmarked Surfbort’s work.

Dani Miller, David Head, Alex Kilgore, and Sean Powell create truly special work together, and “Billy” is further definitive proof of that.

 You can listen to Surfbort on Spotify, and follow the band on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

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