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Meet The People of Tanlines: a Latinx Party/Pop-Up Mall

Last summer, Tanlines was the best day party around. The queer Latinx-centered party happened in the backyard of popular Brooklyn gay bar The Rosemont, and in addition to dancing and shows by drag queens there were frequently pop-up shops by local Brooklyn designers and artists. I got a baby pink choker with a giant dangling safety pin for 10 bucks and marveled at how many different ways a drag queen could utilize a kiddie pool in a performance. This year the party is celebrating their season opener at the Knockdown Center. I took a moment to give you a peek at the peeps who will be there. They’re worth checking out even if you make the mistake of missing the party Saturday.


La Favi

La Favi (also known as La Serena or The Mermaid) is a reggaeton artist originally from Oakland who now resides in Madrid. She’s part of the Neo-Perreo movement of expanding the scope of what Reggaeton can be, often by including the voices of women as well as making sonic advancements. La Favi mixes disparate elements like Flamenco and Trap music together in her music and is a frequent collaborator with Ms Nina.

Drag Performers

Untitled Queen

One of Brooklyn’s original artsy-fartsy queens, last year she performed at Tanlines dressed as a mermaid, complete with her legs bound as a tail. At a recent nightgown performance, she wore a yarn dress by fellow Tanlines girl Farrada’s Knits that got pulled apart onstage as she lip-synced “Drunk Driver/ Killer Whales” by Car Seat Headrest. She’s a Latinx queen who also reps the weird kids, a crossover that doesn’t get it’s proper due.

what an incredible past two Mondays it has been at @nightgownsbk This is my performance and process to #CarSeatHeadRest #DrunkdriversKillerWhales ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I want to thank my collaborator and amazingly talented knitwear designer and friend @farradasknits When I dreamed up this piece I had the Nightgowns space in mind, and thought how I could engage the balcony and stage at the same time (referencing classic romance/fairytale narratives) with a costume that unraveled. I met with Caitlin and we worked out various ideas, and finally landed on these interior circles that would unravel from within the dress. My collaboration with her was pure synergy. She had the color palette and this whole scar/hole thing understood in the making of this special performance piece. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For me this song is all about entering into toxic relationships or bad decisions knowing its wrong, but you do it anyway. And slowly and stupidly learning that it “doesn’t have to be like this”. Something I’m trying to learn myself. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ amazing thanks to my romeos in the tower @zoeziegfeld and @hystericalbeauty ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ AND EVERYONE, cast and crew at #NIGHTGOWNS for putting together such a special space and show. I LOVE every minute. And I go 2000%. Video by @__monae.__ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ xoxoxo #untitledqueen #nightgowns #knit #performanceart #artist #collaboration #dragqueen #process

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Jenn D’Role

This Latinx queen mixes campy humor and glamour into her performances, which are frequently in Spanish.

Crystal Mesh

To get an idea of this drag queen’s persona picture Amy Pohler’s ‘cool mom’ character in Mean Girls except Crystal Mesh wouldn’t rather you drink in the house, she’d rather take a shot with you at the bar. When she’s not cracking jokes on the mic, she makes lo-fi pop songs with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Last year’s hit was a hilarious ode to a horrible customer “May I Speak To The Manager.” This year she’s got a potential summer anthem with “My Cabana.”

Jaquée Kennedée

This glamazon is known for turning high-fashion looks and lip-syncing emotional ballads.


She’s been named as a local favorite by nationally known queen Aja, and her face has been smiling out from ads on buses all summer. Zenobia serves up drag staples like voguing, backbends, and hair flips. There’s a subtle political edge to her performances as well: she only performs songs by black femmes of color.



Rubber/leather jewelry and accessories made by a working Dominatrix so you know it’s legit. Looking to edge up your clubbing attire or get a lil kinky with a lover?  These peeps have you covered.


This brand makes Graphic T-Shirts. One shirt features words like “Maricon” and “Fag” alongside statements like “proud,” doing the classic trick of reclaiming slurs with a Latinx focus. I especially like the pastel pink “2’s DAZE” long sleeve.

Smiley Goods

Decadent sunglasses perfect for gazing dismissively at peasants.

Farrada’s Knits

Knitwear that you may love even if it makes your grandma raise her eyebrows.  Plus, she’s got a fab collection of statement earrings to spice up that tired t-shirt and jeans combo you wear to every show.

Hissy Fit

Describing their wares as “ Clothing and accessories for all the feminist witches in your life”, they have all the colorful Tumblr-chic pieces that big box stress are finally wising up to.

Bibingka Mama

This drag queen makes biningkas, which I hadn’t ever heard of before I had one of hers at a party. A bibingka is coconut rice cake, normally made in a sheet pan like brownies, but the Bibingka Mama makes hers in cupcake tins so every cake is a delicious edge piece.


Don’t tell my day job at Buffalo Exchange, but I don’t know a lot about fashion. I do know that this stuff gives very ‘chic publicist at a launch party sending an important email before popping a pill’ vibes and I think we all could use a bit of that energy in our lives every now and then.


Sparkly makeup palettes for your festival needs. If you get to Tanlines and feel underdressed, just pick up one of these pallets and do yourself up.

Sasha Brat

This tattoo artist’s art reminds me of the characters from Halloweentown. They’re simply rendered, but filled with melancholy. Since Sasha Brat’s work is 2-d as opposed to claymation, they’ve got even more of a pop-art feel.

Claw Machine Vintage

Rock and Roll threads that say “beat it creep”

Mess Queen

Rainbow-brite spandex for the rave. I have one of their tights and it always earns my outfit thunderous applause, even from my shady fashion friends.

Tarot for Dandelions

If you don’t do Tarot odds are you know someone who does, whether they’ve been doing readings for decades or they just downloaded a how-to pdf and are claiming to be in touch with higher forces. Either way, nab your pal this tarot deck covered in its namesake flowers and with watercolor accents.

A reading for today – There are a series of lessons you must learn in order to prepare for a new opportunity that is coming your way. First, make an effort to realize how your present feelings fit into your emotional patterns. Once you can wrap your head around the feelings, you can move on to figuring out how to manifest what you desire emotionally in your real, physical world. If you pay attention to yourself now, you'll be able to use what you learn to make the most of the new opportunity you've been longing for when you finally get it. #tarot #tarotcards #tarotcardreading #art #artist #illustration #watercolor #minorarcana #courtcards #pages #pageofcupsreversed #pageofpentaclesreversed #aceofswords #dailytarot #tarotfordandelions

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These turban’s, cowels, drop-crotch pants, tunics might not be flashy, but they are handmade with sustainable and eco-friendly methods. It’s the look for people with bigger things on their mind.

Degrees of 360

A colorful vintage shop with a hippie flair, these folks have an impressive array of 70s patterned blouses.


This brand specializes in accessories that bring to mind Alice in Wonderland and Burning Man. Why have a just an umbrella when you could have a lace parasol with LCD lights?


Earthy clothes that are inspired by a “natural spiritual process with (a) slowly creative thoughtful lifestyle.” I’m too cynical to get into these kinds of clothes/sentiments but if you really like yoga I bet you’d think is was cute.


Sparse simple clothing that I imagine would fly off the shelves at a Top Shop. I’m especially into the cross body bags in colors.

Nails from the Crypt

Nails that look liked smoked glass, pretty rocks you’d find in the bottom of a stream, or something Solange would wear. They’re also not normally in the long talon variety, opting instead for a more rounded natural edge that’s better suited for practical use.


1926 make Graphic Ts with classic 20’s images, from flapper ladies to gilded golden letters. They also have pins and patches of this imagery as well.

Jhonny Daniel Q

This queer photographer is including more than just white twinks in his shots. His black and white portraits sometimes feature naked subjects, but their intent isn’t to arouse.  Instead, the gravity that the subjects are treated with honors these queer figures in a way that many of them aren’t in the wider (straighter) world.

Modern Girl Blitz

I have been following this artist for 8 years, ever since I found them in the area of Tumblr that was drowning in riot grrrl nostalgia. Lots of artists are into this ‘feminist witch’ aesthetic, but Modern Girl Blitz’s knack for graphic design makes their work look more refined than the average Etsy shop. They’ve got pins, prints, patches, totes, shirts, all with plenty of colors to compliment the politics. 




Already a Brooklyn nightlife legend, the Mother of Bushwick mixes Rihanna songs you somehow forgot about with house beats.

Hannah Lou

Nominated for “Best DJ” at this year’s Brooklyn Nightlife Awards, this queen will play raunchy rap tunes, Hillary Duff b-sides, and Lantinx cuts while asking the entire time if you’re coming to the afterparty.


Ickarus alternates between playing warped PC Music tunes, pop jams, and Reggaton cuts. No requests, but they’re so good I don’t understand why anyone would even bother asking.


I don’t know anything about this person but their Instagram seems chill.

Tanlines is this Saturday, May 26th, from 3-10 p.m. at The Knockdown Center 52-19 Flushing Ave. Early Bird Tickets are $10 dollars, and GA Tickets are $15. You can buy them here.



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