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The Advertisers burst out of the gates with their first track “Black Dog, Black Hat”

Photo by Jessica Gurewitz.

The Advertisers started out as a recording project between Casey Hopkins, Acacia Fusco, and Cameron Smithson—finishing an entire unreleased EP before ever playing their first show. This will come as a surprise to anyone who has seen them play over the last few months.

“Black Dog, Black Hat” is thankfully able to capture the menacing and relentless nature of the live show we’ve become accustomed to. The track starts like a bat let out of hell—it’s frenzied and pulsating, Acacia Fusco’s vocals growling and pulling the song forward. The guitar and drums punctuate the rest of the song like gunshots causing the race toward the 2 minute end line, neck in neck the entire time.

“Black Dog, Black Hat” is the first from an EP recorded after the band spent the last few months fine tuning their live sound. For the first week of the release you can listen to a preview of the track above. Otherwise the only way to actually get your ears on the explosive shit is by purchasing it outright on using pretty much any and all forms of payment—venmo, paypal, applepay, credit cards. You’ll pay a minimum of $1 and maybe more if you can you know, help support the continued existence of live music. The track will then be available on Spotify in two weeks.

Tuesday 26th the band plays a free single release show at Union Pool.

Keep up with the band on Instagram.

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