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Every Wednesday in May: The Hum at House of Yes

House of Yes is at the top of the game when it comes to being inclusive with all of their programming and events, so it only makes sense that they’re hosting the fourth year of The Hum. The Hum is described as “a one of a kind, all female/non-binary concert series that celebrates, instigates, and nourishes the community of female musicians in New York City and beyond.” Past performers include Kimbra, Adrianne Lenker (Big Thief), Olga Bell (Dirty Projectors), The Cranberries, and more. This year promises to be another party with the likes of Jessica Lea Mayfield, Glasser & L’Rain, Bunny Michael, Oshun, and Thao & Mirah all collaborating with many more female/non-binary musicians.

The Hum aims to celebrate female/non-binary musicians instead of pitting them against each other or defining them by genre. It does this by putting them onstage together for brand new “dream bands.” Taking the focus away from their main projects allows room for everyone to explore their talents and create freely with musicians they’d never have had the opportunity to work with otherwise. It’s a way for female-identifying artists to discover the depth of their community, to investigate their own artistry, to form new friendships, and sometimes even new bands.

What happens on stage each night at The Hum at House of Yes produced by LPR Presents is something you won’t be able to see another time – this is it! Every Wednesday in May, magic will happen in Bushwick’s glitteriest venue. See the rest of the lineup below, and get your tickets here.

May 16 — Bunny Michael, Sateen, Xhosa

May 23 — Oshun, Latasha &Lawlyse, SassyBlack

May 30 — Thao & Mirah, Katie Von Schelicher & Julie Byrne, Alix Brown, Breanna Barbara, Dida Pelled, Lyla Vander (Roya) & Reni Lane (Fever High)

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