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May 18-May 20: The Oddly Satisfying Spa @ The Spectrum

Popping bubble wrap, puffing cream and slicing butternut squashes; here are just a few of the simple pleasures one can enjoy in an average day. They are cheap, harmless and, well, oddly satisfying. It was these unassuming forms of entertainment which stirred the peculiar rise of the internet trend and subsequent hashtag #oddlysatisfying.

These day-to-day pleasures have long been restricted to watching on loop on an Instagram feed, however, The Oddly Satisfying Spa has created a platform in which one can enjoy this content in the form of beauty and wellness treatments. The word “spa” usually conjures up feelings of heightened rather than reduced anxiety through mental images of monogrammed terrycloth robes and gossiping mothers-of-three, but this form of luxury escapism has deconstructed the formal context of a spa visit. Relaxation is  experienced through “a loosely guided immersive performance in which guests are encouraged to explore freely and seek satisfaction through a variety of multisensory “treatments.””

In the Oddly Satisfying Spa, self indulgence is promoted and encouraged as one can enjoy a selection of meditative virtual reality experiences from New York-based artists. Data Garden has created its on ambient plant music room (which I actually have no idea what could entail but am completely sold on.) So brace yourself for tactile play, sensory stimulation and all things #oddlysatisfying.

The initial performance run will take place between Friday, May 18 and Sunday May, 20 at The Spectrum (1022 Wyckoff Ave). Limited tickets are available for $40 each. More information here.

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