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The Shush Series: Holy Tunics and Max Pain and the Groovies

Photos by Devon Bristol Shaw.

The inaugural ‘Shush Series’ at Drexler’s kicked off last week and will be happening every single Tuesday from now on until forever and ever or until the apocalypse happens or maybe the lease simply isn’t renewed (due to rising rent costs that will cause a real-estate bubble to burst…) or I dunno, a hurricane, like that could ever happen…wait, nope, too soon. Anyways, WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE MUSIC??

The newly created series aims to bring back music that should be both accessible and available to the city that was once (and hopefully still) deemed a musical mecca, drawing the likes of Television, Bob Dylan and Jimmy Hendrix towards its palpable creative energy and seemingly endless inspiring nature. Thus, the series will attempt to curate shows that are not only performed by local bands, but also touring bands alike, both old and newly formed and will always, always be free.

As a result, last week’s show presented dashing guitar-pop melodies courtesy of Brooklyn locals, Holy Tunics and energy driven psych-rock by way of Max Pain and the Groovies, who, up until recently were located out west in their native home of Salt Lake City, but have since found themselves transplanted amongst the Brooklyn DIY music scene.

Coming up next up in the Tuesday series will be Larry Sass, New Love Crowd and out of Nashville, Champagne Superchillin.

Following are photos of the bands from last week’s show, shot solely on a disposable camera. 

81920014Holy Tunics standing next to the East Village venue

81920024Bryan Thornton on guitar with Brian Alvarez on drums



81920020 Bassist, Matt Billington


81920016 Holy Tunics–Matt Billington, Nick Rogers, Brian Alvarez and Bryan Thornton81920015

81920002Max Pain and the Groovies sitting atop their ‘Delta Limousine’ tour van

81920012Part of Max Pain catching up before their set

81920010Lead singer (and keys), David Johnson

81920009Dallin Smith, Kallan Campbell, Shane Preece and David Johnson (not pictured: Tcoy Coughlin)

81920007Shane Preece on guitar

81920006Tcoy, lover of cats and motorcycles (on drums)


81920004Dallin Smith on guitar and Kallan Campbell on bass

The next Shush series is tonight. Catch Champagne Superchillin, New Love Crowd and Larry Sass at Drexler’s. 21+, free.

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