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The Shush Series: Larry Sass, New Love Crowd and Champagne Superchillin

Photos by Devon Bristol Shaw.

Alright, alright, alright. We did it again. We brought the weird and wonderful, the beautiful and new and most importantly, the musically creative back to your ears last week and just like the inaugural show, it was free. Which, in an effort to be both simultaneously funny and redundant at the same time, is music to our ears. And I’m pretty sure that’s something we could all eventually get behind? Right? No? Okay, I’ll stop.

Last week’s bands included Larry Sass, who, in an homage to our friendship, serenaded the venue with a karaoke rendition of Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” which, of course was pitch perfect and accompanied by a red mask inscribed with his very name in Sharpie. Other songs were about dog treats and honestly, you really had to have been there to actually experience the unexplainable magic that occurred. Next up, New Love Crowd brought lo-fi, funny, cool garage pop songs written by founding members Travis Swinford and Drew Price with a Mac Demarco lightheartedness and modern Prince edginess to boot. Lastly, rounding out the night was Champagne Superchillin, a somewhat newish band, that is quickly garnering buzz around town whenever their band’s name is mentioned. Lead singer, Juliette Schultz is effortlessly cool, like something out of a Godard movie, with all of their songs being sung in her native tongue of French, while appearing alongside the likes of Fly Golden Eagles’ Ben Trimble and Clear Plastic Masks’ Charlie Garmendia making up the rest of the permanent band. If you are fan of the band La Femme mixed with very 60s chic vibes, this band is definitely not to be missed.

Coming up next up in the Tuesday series will be locals Animal Show and Psychic Selves. 

double Larry Larry Sass caught in the act

91730028The masked performer himself, Larry

91730017Sometimes, I like to surprise my subjects with a flash photo mid-set. This time, Larry was my unknowing victim

91730002 (1)I like to consider the option that all of the bands I shoot will one day become a boy band, until then, New Love Crowd is here to please


91730022Drew, Wade, Dave and Travis of New Love Crowd

91730023 Lead vox and guitar, Travis Swinford

91730024 Wade and Travis

91730025Drew and Wade

91730026New Love Crowd doing their thang

91730003Champagne Superchillin sending the good (taco truck) vibes

91730006Juliette Schultz feeling the groove

91730008Charlie Garmendia on drums

91730009Ben Trimble on guitar and keys


91730011José Aybar of Las Rosas filling in on bass

The next Shush series is tonight. Catch Psychic Selves and Animal Show at Drexler’s. 21+, free.

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