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Track Premiere: Jane Church “New England”

You know that feeling of being comfortable where you are but really not being cool with the societal norms around you? Jane Church’s new single “New England” taps into that complicated feeling with classic rock ’n’ roll conviction. Sonically in the vein of Television and Tom Petty, but not in the “oh it’s another Strokes cover band thing” kind of way.

The no-frills, driving drums and guitar track is centered on a melody and message that stays with you. Of the track the NYC group said it was a reflection of things not quite sitting right with you when growing up, in their case obviously New England. That reflection shows through the reminiscent, somewhat patriotic vibe in calculated, dull-edged protest lyricism. “Past the Indian burial grounds … / … Everyone I can remember is insane but time leaves wounds that you won’t ever heal / Paul Revere, well, I salute you / But I really don’t belong here.” Jane Church has dabbled in this passive approach to social angst in previous tracks, but “New England” is definitely their most substantial and intriguing release to date.

It’s the first single from Calimocho Molotov, their debut LP out January 19th on Greenway Records. Jane Church play Our Wicked Lady on September 28th with Dirty Fences and Big Eyes.

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