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Transcending The Ego & Conceptual Limitations: An Interview with Bunny Michael

Bunny’s feature from Issue #3 — copies are still available, get yours here.
Photographed by Cheryl Georgette Arent. Interview by Nicole Woszczyna. MUA Samantha Jozic.

Artists like Bunny Michael are rare gems. With lyrics, music, and accompanying videos coming directly from her otherworldly heart and soul, all of her creations are beautiful and authentic. And each is an experience, rather than something to passively listen to or watch. Her recent video for “A.F.D. (angel f*cking dream),” for example, will compel you to rethink your stance on what’s considered real or normal in modern society. And it’s really fun to watch. Not all artists have the strength to convey such large and affecting ideas, so Bunny truly shines as she communicates her inspiring perspectives on life, art, and humanity, and she makes music that’s unlike most things you’ve heard. Recently, we caught up with the futuristic art goddess, and got some insight on her unique vision.

Your name, ‘Bunny Michael,’ seems to always be associated with the term ‘art rapper,’ which seems fitting. Is that how you would personally define yourself? Or, rather, do you define yourself in a particular way?  

I didn’t start calling myself an “art rapper” — I actually think it’s kind of a redundant statement, as if rap isn’t already “art.” But I think people are describing a certain conceptualism about my lyrics. Language is tricky. Actually it’s just really limiting. How can you determine your identity with words someone else created? If I had to choose though I would say “Surrealist Lyricist.”


You’re definitely one of the most self-assured artists we’ve come across. Have you always been so confident?

I’m blessed to have learned that just being myself was okay. I struggled for a long time because I was so attached to my ego: I compared myself to everyone, I judged, I criticized myself. I think it’s really hard for artists because we don’t grow up in a world that values free expression. We value competition. And so it’s easy to get lost and feel like you have to be “on top” all the time or in control. What’s the point of reaching your goals as an artist (i.e.. money, recognition, success, fame) if you’re miserable, if you’re mean to people, or think you are better than anyone else? You’re not. We are all equal and we can learn and be inspired by everyone. So basically I stopped taking myself so seriously. And now I just wanna have fun. All the time.


And the realms of spirituality, sexuality, and dimensions beyond what we consciously perceive are both fascinating and relevant in today’s chaotic world. When did you first become interested in these kinds of ideas?

These “ideas” in my opinion are not actually ideas at all — they are who we are. Right now I am living in a dream. It’s a beautiful dream but this isn’t really my home. In my heart I feel a stillness beyond thought that is me. Words cannot describe this feeling. But I think we all feel it to some degree. And it’s growing. Within us. My friends and I speak about this. Something waiting. Something that has been sleeping for far too long now. Something that is waking up. To be lucid in this dream is why I feel I am here. I speak a lot about sexuality (i.e. Nature Slut) because I see it as a gateway to this beyond realm. Again, it’s so hard to put into words because language is so limiting. Like meditation, we have not tapped in to the power of orgasm because we have shamed sex for generations. We have been told it’s something dirty or sinful when it is actually natural and beautiful, and it’s power is still unknown.

Lastly, the stuff you write and/or say is always so honest and poetic. Care to give us some farewell thoughts? [re: life, art, spirituality, self-understanding, etc.]

Dear Artist
You are the master.
You are the creator.
You are the curator of your world.
What is my world?
Anything you want it to be.
Who is the Artist?
All of humanity.
Why do I feel lost?
Because you are infinitely powerful.
And your mind cannot comprehend infinite.
Therefore you do not “feel” lost.
You “think” lost. Stop thinking lost.
Why is there suffering?
Because of illusion.
You have created it.
Therefore you can change it.
Who is God?
I am.
Who are you?
The one within you.





Bunny makes her LA debut tonight at The Lexington. More details here


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