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Twin Guns on their 9 favorite music videos

Started by Andrea Sicco and Jungle Jim (of The Cramps and The Makers) and joined by Kristin Fayne-Mulroy in 2014, Twin Guns is old school goth tinged punk. Their music fills the entirety of the underground cavern their band occupies. Next week they’ll bring their cinematic sound to Elsewhere for Cult Citizen alongside Wooing and Uni.

Twin Guns’ music videos are extensions of their music—sonically crafted reflections of film noir. Considering their knack for the theatrical—Jim and Andrea picked some of their favorite music videos. Watch the band’s music video and their favorite selections below and see them on December 28th.

Twin Guns “Imaginary World”

Jim’s picks

Fuzztones “The Witch”

Savage band, wild dance party, classic horror clips—what’s not to like?

The Cramps “Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon”

This just looks like they had so much fun making this video! Destruction, Sleaze…and leather underwear!

Andrea’s Picks

Pink Floyd “Arnold Layne”

I love early Pink Floyd, and this just drips surreal cool all over the place—the song, the vibe, the clothing, the black and white, the creepy mannequins, and oh… innocent youth!

ZZ Top “TV Dinners” 

This video and the one for “Gimme all your Lovin’” were some of the first videos I had ever seen as a kid… I was very intrigued to say the least. I love the weirdness of it all, and the B-Movie references.

The Birthday Party “Nick The Stripper”

Lovely young Nick Cave and Rowland S. Howard. The atmosphere of this reminds me of one of those wild summer nights spent growing up in Italy and the crazy drunken parties that ensued on the streets.. Also, what Nick has written on his chest towards the end is a (misspelled) blasphemous Italian word that I am very fond of.

Elvis Costello “Pump it Up”

Another song and video that was among the first I had ever seen growing up.  I always liked videos that are simple and with lots of white background in it.. Groundbreaking coolness.

Beasts Of Bourbon “Psycho”

An idea so simple, and so… killer! Creepy, in a great way.

Echo and the Bunnymen “Bring on The Dancing Horses”

Very “artsy” video, but in a cool eighties kind of way, the song rules, too. It always captured my attention early on.

Stan Ridgway “Drive, She Said”

I’m a big fan of Wall of Voodoo and Stan Ridgway solo stuff. This video it’s like a noir b&w movie, and has a bit of the Taxi Driver vibe.

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