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Video Premeire: Elijah Wolf “Wilson State Park”

Photo by Zosha Warpeha

The wonderfully tranquil experience of Elijah Wolf’s “Wilson State Park” video is both a meditation and therapy session. The video pairs dreamlike animations from fellow Brooklynite Rachel Kisty with Wolf’s nostalgic folk rock and sets you out on an exceptionally blue and delicately hypnotic odyssey. Kisty’s minimalist 2D animations of mirrored profiles, hands and moving patterns react to the song’s energy in a fluid and entrancing way, allowing the track to be experienced with a deeply introspective, melancholy focus. Like the song, the video don’t follow any set narrative, it’s concentration is set successfully and solely on conveying the deep emotions that Wolf has poured into the track.

Of the release, Wolf explained the “Wilson State Park” deals with daydreaming, longing, and feeling nostalgic for things that are no more. It is the first release from his cathartic debut album On the Mtn Laurel Rd, which is out September 7th via Old Flame Records. It’s an album that’s constantly looking back on childhood and emotionally centered as well as recorded around the time of the passing of his Grandfather, his greatest inspiration.

Check out the video here:


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