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Video Premiere: AKWUAR “Millions of Same Faces”

Today we’re premiering a music video that I found among the hundreds of cold pitches we receive every week (I promise I try to look at any and all that don’t seem deranged). “Millions of Same Faces” is the first track and accompanying video from from German musician AKWUAR from his forthcoming EP.

Speaking to us about the video and new musical project Patrick said, “I produced a lot of electronic stuff and DJed so I know how to create the sound I want but I wanted to find out what I sound like as a human, not through perfected synthetic machines. I wrote the lyrics and instruments, recorded them, produced and mixed them—I wanted to have an uncompromising product of myself—like a journey of self discovery.”

True to his vision and intent, the track feels like (more than it sounds like) early Tame Impala—full of waves and haziness. Dreamy and upbeat but powered by an undercurrents of venom and misanthropy.

The accompanying video meanwhile, is a mixture of danger and apathy. Are you afraid for or angry at the subject as he seemingly and mindlessly trips through his journey?

“For this video I wrote the script with the director, Antonio Freitas” Patrick said, adding “I wanted to create a world of total superficiality—to the point where people mix up reality and virtual reality cause they are just interested in the surface. To reflect on the addiction and drunkenness of virtuality.”

Keep up with AKWUAR on Soundcloud and Facebook.


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