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Video Premiere: BOURGEOIS EARTH “Terrible Taste”

Bourgeois Earth’s new video for “Terrible Taste” is a micro virtual reality. The watcher is the protagonist – making it easier for us to feel all of the emotions surely to be evoked. Nick’s vocal melodic lines and the shimmering instrumentation work so seamlessly together that it’s unclear which one is complimenting the other. “Terrible Taste is cinematic in the way that it shifts and shakes and moves you emotionally, throughout inspiring imagery. That’s why I particularly wanted to make a film for this track. The film, being overtly arthouse works with clichés from bad horror movies. The twisting of the door handle, the peeling of the wax, the answering of the ever-illusive home phone. And the genius that’s lost his mind.”

After coming off of a lengthy tour in the U.S. with Big White, Nick recorded his album as Bourgeois Earth in Dulwich Hill, Sydney on Dinosaur City Records.

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